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Clear Ceramic Braces in Delmar

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Embrace Orthodontics offers orthodontics for adults in Delmar, NY, including braces and clear aligners, such as Invisalign. Text or call our practice at 518-439-9339 or contact us for an appointment.

What Are Clear Ceramic Braces?

Clear ceramic braces enable patients to receive the benefits of traditional braces without the appearance of metal brackets.

These braces have a smoother look with clear ceramic brackets affixed to the teeth. They are less likely to distract people from seeing your smile.

Benefits of Clear Ceramic Braces

Here are several benefits of clear ceramic braces:

Less Obvious

Clear ceramic braces stand out less than traditional ones. The translucent or tooth-colored brackets blend in with your teeth. This subtle look allows teen and adult patients to get the necessary orthodontic treatment without the appearance of metal brackets.

Less Painful To Wear

Metal brackets sometimes cause soreness. Ceramic brackets are easier on the delicate tissues inside the mouth.

Are You a Good Candidate for Clear Ceramic Braces?

Once the permanent teeth have all come in, and the patient has stopped growing, it is time to consider clear ceramic braces. Clear ceramic braces are better for teens and adults. Children may do better with traditional braces.

Since the brackets are not metal, they are slightly less durable than traditional braces. Patients who need extensive correction to their bite may want to consider traditional braces. In addition, patients who play contact sports should ask whether clear ceramic braces are right for them.

Why Choose Embrace Orthodontics?

Our boutique practice strives to be a place where patients feel comfortable. Unlike other orthodontic offices, Embrace Orthodontics is a solo-doctor practice, meaning that you will know exactly who your doctor is at every appointment. Your satisfaction and good health are our top priorities. We will assist you in making the best decisions for your orthodontic treatment and build a great smile together, as a team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to selected patient questions:

Do clear ceramic braces hurt?

Clear ceramic braces are usually more comfortable than metal braces. While all braces may produce some soreness when the orthodontist tightens them, clear ceramic braces are easier on the soft tissue inside the mouth.

Are clear ceramic braces faster than traditional braces?

Clear ceramic braces take about the same amount of time as traditional braces. The length of treatment depends on how much correction is needed.

Do clear ceramic braces stain?

Clear ceramic brackets themselves do not stain. If you get tooth-colored rather than clear ceramic brackets, these may stain. Be sure to practice excellent oral hygiene.

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Busy professional adults know that their smiles are their greatest asset. If you feel that you want to receive orthodontic treatment but don't want the look of metal braces interfering with your smile, talk to us about clear ceramic braces.

Text or call Embrace Orthodontics at 518-439-9339 to set up an appointment to discover how clear ceramic braces can change your smile.

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