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Interceptive Orthodontics in Delmar

Interceptive Orthodontics
Embrace Orthodontics offers interceptive orthodontics services in our Delmar, NY practice. Text or call our practice at 518-439-9339 or contact us for an appointment.

What is Interceptive Orthodontics?

Interceptive treatment or two-phase orthodontics corrects a child's issues before they become complex. The first phase's primary goal is to ensure that the child's mouth has enough room for incoming teeth. Orthodontists use a variety of appliances and targeted extractions to smooth the way for future treatments.

Most dentists recommend that children see an orthodontist for the first time at about seven years old. This age is when the first permanent molars come in. Orthodontists can check on alignment issues and X-rays to see where potential problems may occur as the child grows.

What are the benefits of Interceptive Orthodontics?

Here are several benefits of interceptive orthodontic treatment for your child:

Improving Function of the Teeth and Jaws

Children who receive orthodontic treatment at an early age enjoy better use of their teeth. Bite problems can lead to poor chewing and possible choking. Bite problems can also cause uneven wear on teeth, leading to broken and missing teeth later in life.

Preventing Certain Health Problems

Children with well-aligned teeth and jaws are less likely to develop health problems like tooth grinding and chronic pain.

Making Treatment Easier

Early orthodontic exams can reveal issues that could be difficult and more expensive to repair in the teen years and beyond.

Is My Child a Good Candidate for Interceptive Orthodontics?

If you or your dentist feel that your preadolescent needs braces, two-phase treatment may be the right course of action. The orthodontist can correct emerging problems early while the jaw is still growing. They have more options for treatment and can guide the teeth into the proper position.

Standard orthodontic treatment may be more appropriate if your child already has all their adult teeth.

Why Choose Embrace Orthodontics?

Our boutique practice treats patients of all ages with care and compassion. We offer the newest techniques to help solve your child's orthodontic problems before they get out of hand. We understand how children's oral health affects their overall health. We always keep parents informed about all aspects of their children's treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Interceptive Orthodontics

What types of problems does interceptive orthodontics correct?

Interceptive orthodontics remedies these issues and others:

Do children who have interceptive treatment need further work done as teens?

Many children who receive interceptive orthodontic treatment need comprehensive treatment in adolescence. Yet, the second phase is smoother after early treatment. Children experience fewer complications, and the orthodontist may shorten their treatment time.

Is orthodontic treatment primarily cosmetic?

The main focus is correcting structural issues that interfere with normal tooth function. Aesthetic concerns come second. Leaving orthodontic problems untreated may lead the child to a lifetime of dental issues.

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Interceptive orthodontics simplifies children's treatment process and ensures a better outcome. Text or call Embrace Orthodontics at 518-439-9339 to set up an appointment.

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